This is leadership training for Advanced Class graduates who have a heart’s desire and passion to function as ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ. These proven disciples in The Way Corps training learn to apply the Word in various life situations so that they can be ready and equipped to carry out what God has called them to do. Way Corps men and women are well prepared to teach God’s Word and to help others develop their teaching skills.

Part of The Way Corps training includes a unique outdoor training program called LEAD. To learn more about this aspect of the training, please click here.

“We feel so loved, built up, and encouraged to serve in our first assignment. We will be confident in our calling as we hold great vision for ourselves and others. We will stay committed as we decide to reach out to others, situation after situation. We will endure to victory with love and joy. We will hold fast to the learning. We are so thankful for everything that this ministry has done for us. In every category of life, we are abundantly blessed because of the Word that we’ve been taught, we’ve believed, and we’ve applied. What a unique and special honor to serve as a committed Way Corps minister.”

“Considering the time and resources invested in our lives is very humbling. Because of this investment, we have acquired a deeper resolve and a mind-set of joyful service. We count it an honor and a privilege to be a part of something so awesome—The Way Corps training. As a result of our training and the Word we learned to apply, we certainly have a greater understanding of ‘I can do; therefore, I do.’ ”

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