75th Anniversary Weekend at Headquarters and Way Disciple Outreach Group XXIV Training and Commissioning

The celebration of The Way International’s Seventy-fifth Anniversary was a tremendous two-day event held on September 30 and October 1, 2017, at The Way International Headquarters in New Knoxville, Ohio. Over 1,400 believers from all over the world were in attendance, along with the Directors of The Way International. It was a joyous time of fellowship, music, and inspiring teaching from the Word of God.

Included in the celebration was the commissioning of the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXIV.

The Way Disciples arrived before the crowd for training and to meet in their new Way Disciple teams.



A historical display was available to participants, featuring photographs and publications from many significant milestones during the last seventy-five years.

A Way Productions Anniversary Showcase on Saturday evening ministered God’s Word in song to the audience and highlighted our rich musical history in The Way.




On Sunday afternoon, the Prevailing Word Auditorium was filled with people eager to hear God’s Word and celebrate together.

The Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXIV were commissioned to four cities in The Way of the U.S.A.

The 2017–2018 ministry theme was introduced, and theme items were released.


Each member of the Board of Directors spoke at the Sunday service.

Rev. Rosalie F. Rivenbark

Rev. Bill Greene

Rev. John Rupp

Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle

Disciples who have stood faithfully for twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty years were recognized with much love and appreciation; and Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle taught the Word on the new theme, The Word of God Is the Will of God.

After the Sunday Teaching Service, the reception gave participants time to enjoy complimentary refreshments and celebrate with one another.


The next morning, the Way Disciples departed and believers from around the world returned to their homes to continue moving God’s prevailing Word with renewed enthusiasm and commitment.

For more details on the Seventy-fifth Anniversary, check out The Prevailing Word Reports in the November/December 2017 and January/February 2018 issues of The Way Magazine.

For more photos of this event, visit our Flickr page.