East Central Region’s 75 Years and Onward Day in the Word

The East Central Region enjoyed celebrating 75 Years and Onward with a Day in the Word held on February 17, 2018, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Believers from the states of North Carolina and Kentucky were in attendance, along with the President of The Way International, Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle.




For decades, The Way International has been helping people to build a solid Biblical foundation for life by way of home fellowships, classes, and service programs. The foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power is the introductory class offered by The Way International. During these 75 Years and Onward Days in the Word, invited speakers have shared how the Word of God they learned and understood from the Foundational Class changed their lives for the better. For many, many people, taking the class was the turning point in their lives that brought them peace, prosperity, and power.



These sharings have helped attendees to reflect on how thankful they are for the Word they’ve been taught and have inspired them to continue reaching out and making the class available to people in their lives who are searching for a genuine, in-depth knowledge of God.







Thank you to all those who served and celebrated with us at the East Central Region’s 75 Years and Onward Day in the Word. God bless you!

For more photos of this event, visit our Flickr page.