80th Anniversary Update

In less than two weeks, we will be celebrating the Eightieth Anniversary of The Way International, and we are excited to welcome guests from all over the world to the weekend’s festivities!

Here are a few event updates to help you plan your trip to Headquarters:

  • Please make sure to bring the event tickets that were sent to you for the Saturday concert and/or the anniversary Sunday Teaching Service. Please also bring the food tickets you received for any picnic lunches you purchased.
  • If you are attending Saturday’s picnic lunch, please bring your own lawn chair or blanket if you can.
  • Saturday’s sharing by the Directors will now take place around the Gazebo. If the weather is inclement, it will take place in the pavilion tents.
  • Our overflow seating location for the weekend is the Outreach Services Center (OSC) Dining Room.
  • Please refer to this parking map to know where to park during the event. Each parking location is color coded to match the color of your event tickets. You may also refer to this locations map for an overview of our grounds.
  • Seating in the auditorium for the weekend is full. If you have tickets to sit in the auditorium and bring additional guests with you who do not have tickets, please plan on sitting with them in overflow seating in the OSC Dining Room.
  • If you signed up for live translations during the event, please make sure to pick up your translations equipment on Saturday morning at the pavilion tents or Sunday morning before the service in the auditorium second-floor west concession stand.
  • One-year-olds need to be accompanied by their mother in Children’s Fellowship for the Sunday Teaching Service.

The 80th Anniversary page has also been updated for your reference.

We are looking forward to a wonderful time in God’s Word, living victoriously with you!