Advanced Class 2022 in Togo

For the first time ever in West Africa, the advanced class on The Way of Abundance and Power took place in Lomé, Togo, from March 6 to 19, 2022. There were ninety new students from eleven different countries: Angola, Bénin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Germany, Ghana, Niger, South Africa, and Togo.

Rev. Flavien Dzaba, Country coordinator of Congo, coordinated the event, and Mr. Faustin-Dreyfus Goto, Country coordinator of Togo, coordinated the class.



Supporting the class were Advanced Class graduates and Way Corps ministers representing six countries.


Here are some fun facts about the student body for this class:

  • the oldest student was eighty-six years old,
  • the youngest student was twenty-three years old, and
  • the farthest distance traveled by any of the students was 4,271 miles or 6,874 kilometers.

The Advanced Class completes The Way of Abundance and Power class series, with in-depth instruction in how to operate all nine manifestations of holy spirit. It is a class for those who desire to become more spiritually mature and continue to develop a heart of service to God and His people.

Just like the classes we run here at Headquarters, this class began with registration where the new students got their very own blue Advanced Class nametag. One student said, “I was expecting to receive a nametag that said ‘Advanced Class in Togo,’ but it is the same as the nametags from Headquarters! It’s like I’m taking the class over there—same nametag, same syllabus— it’s an international class for all Way believers.”


The students of this class enjoyed classic elements of any Advanced Class: dynamic teachings on the Word, Study Groups, Share Pairs, meals together, and sweet fellowship time.



These students also enjoyed special activities and teachings that were unique to their class. Throughout the class, the students built appreciation for one another as they heard mealtime sharings on the topic “How I Move the Word in My Country.” Additionally, many of The Way Corps ministers who were supporting the event shared on their service experience.



There was a lively concert with godly music that got everyone on their feet.



On the middle Saturday, the students enjoyed group recreation time including aqua aerobics, football (soccer), tabletop games, and even some traditional Togolese dancing.


Then on Sunday morning, the students watched special teachings recorded by Rev. and Mrs. Edwards, Vern and Jill, on the topics “Serving Together as Husband and Wife” and “How Marriage Is a Microcosm of the Mystery.” Rev. Dzaba shared that these teachings were “a source of deliverance and healing of the soul for many.”


The impact of this class is both immediate and long-term in the lives of the students and the Body of Christ. Mr. Goto shared, “People were very blessed to see The Way Corps ministers working closely with them with such great simplicity and serving them with love, respect, care, and modesty. For most of them, this is the first time they’ve seen or interacted with Way Corps. The impact is that many have expressed their desire to apply for The Way Corps training.”


All of these new Advanced Class graduates returned home ready to manifest God’s power and move the greatness of God’s Word in their communities.