Digital Sunday Teaching Service Subscriptions

At the January 3 Sunday Teaching Service, it was announced that beginning January 31, 2021, The Way International will make available a new way to subscribe to the Sunday Teaching Service—digitally! This subscription will allow individuals to download digital files of the Sunday service each week to their computer or other device. With this new subscription type, subscribers will have access to both the audio and video recordings of the Sunday service: a high-quality MP3 audio and a high-definition MP4 video file.

Those with a digital subscription may register to receive their downloads on our new web portal: Just click the “Register” link on the home page, and fill out the form. This will make an account for you to use to access your files. Then, each week, you will receive an e-mail to let you know that the latest Sunday Teaching Service is ready to be downloaded. Further information can be found in the Portal user guide, which can be found by clicking the ? icon in the top right-hand corner of the Portal home page.

In order to register, you will need to have your customer number. If you have other subscriptions with us, your customer number can be found on a Bookstore statement or on the mailing label of your latest Sunday service CD/DVD or Way Magazine. If you can’t find your customer number or do not know it, please contact the Bookstore, and we can provide it for you.

And if you haven’t subscribed yet, digital Sunday Teaching Service subscriptions can be purchased by contacting the Bookstore by phone or mail. You can also order individual digital services or transfer existing CD or DVD subscriptions to digital. We’re beginning our rollout of digital subscriptions with English Sunday services first, with French and Spanish digital subscriptions coming at a later date.

A digital subscription only costs US$2 per week both in the United States and in our International Outreach Countries.

In light of this release, the Board of Directors want to bless our new subscribers. Those who start a digital subscription before February 1, 2021, will receive all the services beginning with the seventy-eighth anniversary through the January 24 Sunday Teaching Service at no extra charge (sixteen services free)! The January 31 Sunday Teaching Service will be the first service on a digital subscription.

We are excited to launch this new digital method of receiving the Sunday Teaching Service, and we are believing that it will prove to be a blessing to people who love God and His Word all around the world. Please contact the Bookstore if you have any questions!

The Way International Bookstore
P.O. Box 328
New Knoxville OH 45871-0328

Phone: 419-753-1018
8:00 a.m.–noon
1:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.
(Eastern Time)