Pentecost Weekend 2019

The day of Pentecost was one of the most spiritually magnificent occasions of all time. It marked the outpouring of the gift of holy spirit and ushered in the Grace Administration in which we live today. The Way International celebrated this momentous occasion with gatherings and activities from June 7 through June 9, 2019.

A Young Adult Fellowship was held in Piqua, Ohio, on June 8 and 9 with a theme of Ye Shall Be Witnesses! Over 180 participants from across the United States gathered for the sweet fellowship of this time in the Word. It included a special visit from Rev. Jean-Yves De Lisle, Director and President of The Way International.

Many of the young adults volunteered to help put on this event, serving in a variety of ways—from teaching or performing on stage to running audio equipment behind the scenes.


Multiple teachings throughout the event focused on the example Jesus Christ set for us and how we can live and walk powerfully as he did.
“The teachings have been amazing—they were very practical. The teachers showed us from their own lives how they saw God work every day. I saw bigger how He can work in my life.”


There was ample time to fellowship, meet new people, and catch up with old friends.

A coffeehouse, called the “Uttermost Part Café,” provided an outlet for the young adults to edify one another with performances of songs, skits, and a dramatic reading.

The in-residence Way Corps attending also performed at this dynamic event.

Later in the weekend, these empowered believers had time in groups to discuss the learning they had received.
“The Young Adult Fellowship was of amazing quality. I enjoyed every aspect of it—from the teachings, which I gleaned a lot from, to the coffeehouse performances, to the time we had to share with one another, and everything in between.”

Over in the high country, Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch hosted guests from the Great Lakes Region for their Pentecost celebration. They arrived on Friday, June 7, and were greeted by Rev. Lyndon Sumlin, Rev. David Chavoustie, Rev. Tom Horrocks, and several of the Camp Gunnison Staff.

During scenic, old-fashioned hayride tours, guests learned about the history of Camp Gunnison, from its initial purchase in the 1970s all the way to its current function as the “camp arm” of The Way International. They also enjoyed a walking tour of The Household Commons.


After the tours, some guests took a leisurely walk up “water tank hill” behind The Household Commons to get an elevated perspective with a panoramic view of Camp Gunnison and the surrounding mountains.

On Saturday evening, guests heard dynamic teachings from God’s Word by both Rev. Lyndon Sumlin and Rev. Tom Horrocks in The Household Commons Auditorium.

Throughout the weekend, guests enjoyed fellowshipping together during several meals. These mealtimes included presentations about various aspects of Camp Gunnison, such as an overview of camps and getaways as well as videos available on

Guests from the Rocky Mountain Region joined those at Camp Gunnison from the Great Lakes Region for the live Sunday Teaching Service from Headquarters via the phone lines.

That Sunday Teaching Service on Sunday, June 9, at The Way International Headquarters was the culmination of the entire Pentecost weekend. Believers from around the world gathered to enjoy this exciting time in the Word together.

Live translations were available to bless French and Spanish speakers.

The service included a special dramatic presentation titled “The Wonderful Works of God.” It beautifully portrayed the events surrounding the initial outpouring of the gift of holy spirit.



Way Productions inspired believers with Word-filled songs.

Director Rev. Bill Greene gave a dynamic teaching to show that “We Can Manifest Power from on High.”

The Pentecost weekend was an exhilarating and heartwarming time for people of all ages!

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