The Way Magazine™ The Magazine of Abundance and Power

The Magazine of Abundance and Power

The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.
Psalms 29:11

As noted on the cover of every issue, The Way Magazine is “The Magazine of Abundance and Power.” For nearly seventy years, this wonderful periodical has provided men, women, and young people with timely Biblical truths that they can put into practice for consistently powerful results. Today The Way Magazine remains a vital part of the positive, rightly divided Word of God that moves out from The Way International Headquarters, and it serves to help people establish spiritual principles in their lives.

By subscribing, you too can feast on the positive truths of God’s Word offered page by page with plentiful variety. Each issue, filled with enlightening, edifying, and practical articles, shows you how to apply God’s life-giving truths greater so that you can enjoy the security, peace, and comfort of living life with God Almighty as your strength and sufficiency.

The online digital edition (free to subscribers of the print edition) opens up additional opportunities for reading and studying God’s Word with its archived issues dating back to 2005 and its powerful search engine for locating key words, phrases, and verses.

Readers are excited to practically apply what they read and to know that they can trust their heavenly Father as their Supplier in every area of their lives.

“We certainly do enjoy the quality of the Word presented on each topic. The learning we have gained is invaluable. We have the opportunity to eliminate fear by taking believing action on what the Word says. We benefit from the practical steps each topic shows on how to apply the knowledge and principles explained and how to get the results God wants for us. Many truths from The Way Magazine have met present needs in our lives.”

“The articles in The Way Magazine are very well researched and powerful. Each issue, with its features of Biblical solutions for daily living, is exactly what I need to read. It’s a word fitly spoken in due season. I can hardly wait until my Way Magazine comes to my mailbox. I read it cover to cover!”

“The Way Magazine is one of the greatest treasures of the household of The Way. It is more than a magazine—it is a tremendous source of truth; a great package of teaching, information, and fun all put together in a magnificent format, easy to read and understand.”

“What wonderful truths from the Word of God are available to us in The Way Magazine. Each of us is learning how to enhance our relationship with our heavenly Father, and that brings us huge comfort and joy in our hearts.”

Presented bimonthly, The Way Magazine will help you understand the Word of God more deeply, resulting in more steadfastness, stability, and power in your daily walk. Subscribe today to help establish a victorious mind-set and manifest a power-filled life with the delivering truths of God’s Word!


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