The Way Corps Class of 2019: Equipped to Serve

On July 20, 2019, a graduation ceremony was held at The Way International Headquarters for the Forty-eighth Way Corps. The celebration marked the completion of four years of training to serve as faithful ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Way Corps training is designed to equip students to have maximum impact in their service to God and His people, with the last two years in residence at Headquarters.

Included in this training is time in the classroom, where students grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures and how the Word applies in life’s situations.

They also have many opportunities to study and build a wealth of the Word in their hearts from which they can draw during their future years of service.

As part of the program, students receive hands-on training from seasoned Way Corps ministers, who are able to teach them Biblical principles while performing a variety of tasks.

The Way Corps class of 2019 will use this multifaceted training as they go forth to meet needs and minister to God’s people.


Teaching people the Word of God is one of the major responsibilities of a Way Corps minister. The new graduates are equipped to impart the Word in any setting—whether it be an intimate home fellowship or a more formal venue with a larger audience.


Throughout their years of service, they will be leaders and workers in various aspects in the ministry. The practical skills they have learned are designed to be taken into real-life scenarios where The Way Corps ministers will lead with boldness and confidence.

Being able to lead and impart Biblical principles in any situation is a valuable aid in helping others live the Word to a greater degree. The training has increased the graduates’ confidence to effectively step into any opportunity to teach and train.

Prayer is a powerful way to bring God’s solutions into life’s challenges. With the Word they have sown in their hearts and proven in overcoming challenges of their own, the new graduates are ready and willing to help others do the same as they pray and believe with them for victory.

Operating the ministry of reconciliation is a vital part of a believer’s walk for God. Throughout The Way Corps training, students have grown in their boldness and ability to speak the Word and bring God’s answers to people who are searching for the truth. As leaders, they are equipped to teach others how to speak the Word with confidence in their spheres of influence.

Congratulations to The Way Corps class of 2019! Your salted commitment to serve God’s people will have a great impact through your lifetime of Christian service.