Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXV: Lights of the World!

Matthew 5:14:
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Congratulations to the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXV on the successful completion of their tenure! Throughout the past six months, two teams of outstanding men and women shined as lights of the world as they glorified God by boldly holding forth the Word and manifesting love to others in their assigned areas. They saw God’s Word work in the lives of the people they met as they faithfully taught and lived God’s Word in love. Enjoy viewing photos of the Way Disciple Training at The Way International Headquarters and reading what the Way Disciples of Outreach Group XXV had to say about their experiences.


“Life takes on a whole new meaning when everything that you do is in support of moving God’s Word. When a person decides to make standing for the truth their central focus and the outreach of the Word a top priority, then the distractions of this world can be easily cast aside and left behind. This is something that I have seen as a benefit and blessing during my time as a Way Disciple. I am constantly engaged with the reason I am here, constantly aware of my purpose as a light of the world—and I consider this wherever I am and in whatever I am doing. I am an ambassador for Christ, and I carry myself as one. And to be surrounded by others who have the same mind-set and desire just adds to that determination that I have the ability and the authority to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time.”


“As a Way Disciple, I’ve been very blessed to see how people with different backgrounds, personalities, and ways of thinking can all apply the Word and work together well. I’ve also been very blessed to see the Word work in the lives of those we undershepherd, as their lives turn from darkness to light. They’re even excited to give and serve in the household, and they want to bring others to fellowship also! Even speaking the Word in public has been neat because there is usually a positive response. People are often pleasantly surprised when we offer to pray for them, and they’re encouraged by what we’re doing to move the Word! I’m very thankful for the Way Disciple program and the growth I’ve seen in myself. I’m going to continue to share God’s Word as it’s the only thing that truly heals people’s hearts!”


“I love being in the absolute center of God’s will for my life and knowing it!
I love the people we’ve been able to help by teaching them God’s rightly divided Word and showing them God’s love. I love the family bond we’ve formed within our team and with the people in our fellowship. I love seeing the fruit of our labor by having new people at fellowship every week! I have really enjoyed seeing people’s lives turn around for the better as they gain a clearer understanding of God’s Word and will for their lives, and their identity as children of God.”

“I have seen the spiritual competition bigger than I ever have before in life.”

“I now really enjoy door-to-door witnessing. It is very exciting.”

“I have seen so much growth and deliverance in people.”

Do these sharings stir in your heart a greater desire to reach out to people with the Word? Do you want to make an impact while seeing accelerated spiritual growth in your own life and in the lives of others? Do you want to spend six months of focused outreach with like-minded believers? If so, then consider going out as a Way Disciple.

Registration for Outreach Group XXVI is open now through June 1, 2019. See your local leadership for more information.