Young Adult Rock 2022 Recap

On August 12–14, 2022, a new event took place at The Way International. Over four hundred young adults from multiple countries came together, either camping on the grounds of The Way or staying locally, to enjoy the Word taught, live music, and time with each other at the Young Adult Rock.

Registration for the event was held at the newly renovated Gazebo. The event opened with a cookout and a powerful teaching of God’s Word that kicked off the theme of “Living God’s Love Out Loud.” That afternoon, the attendees could choose to participate in different activities, such as hayride tours of The Way International or time relaxing at the Wierwille Barn pond. It was also available to sign up for small, focused teachings called breakout groups. Some of the topics taught at the breakout groups included “Loving the Skin You’re In,” “The ‘I Can Do’ Mentality,” “Tackling Pressure as a Young Adult,” “Succeeding in College as a Christian,” “Loving at All Times: Friendships,” “Putting Your Foot Down: Making Decisions,” “Maintaining a Healthy Body,” “Love and Respect: The Commitment Behind Successful Marriages,” and “When Friendships Become Something More: Dating.”

That evening, the attendees heard inspiring sharings from the ministry’s President, Rev. Vern Edwards, and his wife, Jill, on how young adults can serve to their utmost in the ministry and how they are not “the future,” but “the now.” Following this, it was available to watch a big-screen movie under the stars.

The next morning, there were different activities available, like a flag raising at the Biblical Research Center, a run/walk with some in-residence Way Corps, a Way Corps informational meeting, and, of course, the breakfast tent! Saturday morning’s session opened with a dynamic teaching on staying blameless on social media followed by a one-act play performed by the in-residence Way Corps titled The Algorithm of Love. The session culminated in an outreach roundtable in which four ministers from four different countries were interviewed on how they move the Word in their country. That afternoon was open for people to enjoy more breakout groups, including one geared toward mental health. The attendees also enjoyed meals from local food trucks, a visit from the Staff of The Way International, and a variety show put on by the attendees. In the evening, they got into the Word again with two fantastic teachings. The first was on how God’s love can make a difference, and the second was about drawing a line in the sand and deciding to put God first. The evening culminated in an energetic concert featuring the attendees from all over the world and ended with a bang as fireworks went off in the sky.

The young adults had a blast as they learned more about God and His will for their lives and how they can get busy serving in their ministry. Many commitments were made. For many of them, this was unlike anything they had ever experienced before. And as a result, they are living God’s love out loud greater in their communities around the world.

Please enjoy this slideshow of the Young Adult Rock from the August 14 Sunday Teaching Service.