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Published bimonthly, The Way Magazine is filled with practical articles about living the Word of God. These articles are beautifully illustrated with photographs and original renderings that support the content. The magazine is a Biblical storehouse with God’s love and truth poured into every page. As the cover states, it is “The Magazine of Abundance and Power.”

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Written to help people in their personal study and inspiration, the articles teach how to work the Word of God and how to apply it practically. It is easy to see from the content why The Way Magazine is such a blessing to believers worldwide:

Feature Articles
The Biblical feature articles are carefully researched in the Word of God and written with love, thought, and care by faithful ministers. The teachings are presented at a level that will reach young readers, yet the articles have plenty of richness and depth to meet the needs of the most seasoned believers.

Feature Articles

To enjoy reading the Bible, we must learn to understand it. We can gain more skill and confidence as workmen of God’s Word and tap into the power of God in a greater way by learning how to apply the fundamental keys to Biblical research. The feature articles in The Way Magazine present Biblical keys to the Word’s interpretation in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Interactive Activities
A variety of activities relating to the articles in each issue are presented to help readers grow in their understanding and application of God’s Word.

Sunday Service Highlights
Every person can enjoy reading highlights of the Sunday Teaching Service held weekly at The Way International Headquarters.

Manners and Customs of the Bible
Manners and customs of the Eastern culture is a rich and exciting field of Biblical study. Since the Bible is an Eastern book, many manners and customs are not clear to the Western mind. Studying these manners and customs helps the reader to gain an accurate understanding of many otherwise difficult scriptures.

Manners and Customs of the Bible

The Prevailing Word Report
Each issue contains illuminating reports about exciting facets of The Way Ministry worldwide, such as our classes on The Way of Abundance and Power, The Way Corps leadership training, the Disciples of the Way Outreach Program, and more!

The Prevailing Word Report

From the Heart: Letters
Our readers have much to be thankful for, and these blessed believers love to express it—from their hearts.

From the Heart: Letters

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We are thankful to continue serving God’s matchless Word in The Way Magazine, as we have for over sixty-five years.

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