King James Version

Various Cambridge Bibles are available.

Classic Comparative Parallel Bible

This volume brings together the King James Version of the Bible with three popular, classic versions in an easy-to-read, convenient format. Comparing these versions allows students of the Bible to discover different nuances of meaning in the text in order to gain a more complete understanding of God’s original intent, all without having to learn Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek.

The Companion Bible

This is a unique and very useful study Bible. It has an extensive system of notes in addition to the King James Version. It also has 198 appendixes covering a wide variety of Biblical topics. This Bible can be of great value to the serious Biblical student.

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible

This Bible has many special features that make it a valuable tool for Biblical research, such as 500,000 cross references throughout 35,000 explanatory notes and comments. Also included are enlightening notes on astronomy, Bible animals, birds, plants, minerals, weights, measures, and other things that will enrich the reader’s enjoyment of the Word of God.

The Holy Bible from the Ancient Eastern Text (“Lamsa Bible”)

This is a translation of the Peshitta manuscripts by George M. Lamsa. The Peshitta is the standard version of the Old and New Testaments in Aramaic (also called Syriac).