Other Research Works

New Bible Dictionary

This is a reference work dealing with the people and places of the Bible as well as major doctrinal concepts of Christianity. It provides important background information in the fields of history, geography, archaeology, and the customs of Bible times. Its use will enrich the Biblical student’s understanding of many people and places referred to in the Scriptures.

Oxford Bible Atlas

This resource contains maps that show cities, trade routes, and the political boundaries of different regions referred to in the Bible at important points in the history of the Biblical narrative. There is accompanying text that provides useful insights into the culture, contemporary historical events, and archaeological finds.

Manners and Customs of the Bible

Here is an extensive compilation of information by J. M. Freeman on Eastern manners and customs of the Bible from a wide variety of sources. There are also engravings that illustrate many of the topics discussed. The book includes a topical index as well as a scripture index.

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

This interesting work by E. W. Bullinger has over 200 distinct figures of speech cataloged and organized into different divisions. Each figure of speech is then defined, explained, and illustrated with examples from God’s Word.