The Way International Research Books

Victor Paul Wierwille spent several decades vigorously and prayerfully searching out the truths of God’s Word. As part of his search, he consulted and worked with many outstanding individuals in Christian studies for keys to power-filled, victorious living. In his quest to find the truths of the Word of God, Dr. Wierwille became the founder and first president of The Way International, a nonsectarian, nondenominational Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry.

For over forty years, Dr. Wierwille devoted his major energies to intensive research and teaching of the accuracy of God’s Word. In 1953, he began teaching his Biblical research in classes on Power for Abundant Living. As Dr. Wierwille persevered in his research of the Bible, he continued to write more research works in Biblical studies. The following are his research works available today in our Bookstore:

Volumes I–V of Studies in Abundant Living

Volume I, The Bible Tells Me So

This study reveals practical truths that will increase our quality of life by showing us how to believe, which enables us to maintain mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness.

Volume II, The New, Dynamic Church

Here we learn about the power we have in the Grace Administration to change and to effectually meet every new and different situation that we encounter.

Volume III, The Word’s Way

We see in this study how clearly God’s Word explains life, and we also see the precision with which God has revealed Himself to us in His Word.

Volume IV, God’s Magnified Word

This volume encourages us as we learn more about God’s abundant goodness, God’s strength in us, and the greatness of the Church of Grace.

Volume V, Order My Steps in Thy Word

By reading these pages, we gain a better understanding of God’s standard for life and how carefully and lovingly He has provided for our every need.

Other Landmark Works by Dr. Wierwille

Are the Dead Alive Now?

The clear truths of God’s Word will bring peace and strength to our soul as we understand the Biblical details concerning the return of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ Is Not God

This is a thought-provoking and dynamic presentation of who Jesus Christ is and who he is not. It sets forth his intimate relationship with God as his heavenly Father.

Jesus Christ Our Passover

This masterful work reflects many years of research as it heralds forth the significance of the man Jesus Christ: our example, our passover, our risen lord, our complete savior.

Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed

In this research work, we learn about the birth of God’s only begotten Son as it was revealed in the stars and in God’s written Word. The accuracy of the Word and the magnificence of what God wrought in bringing our redeemer, Jesus Christ, into the world are awesome to behold.

Receiving the Holy Spirit Today

This book deepens our understanding about God’s gift of holy spirit as well as the accurate operation of the nine manifestations.