The Way Corps Class of 2020: Faithful to Follow Through

On July 18, 2020, a graduation ceremony was held at The Way International Headquarters for the Forty-ninth Way Corps. This significant occasion marked the completion of their four years of training, including two years in residence at Headquarters. Throughout these four years, The Way Corps trainees were taught to live five Way Corps Principles that will help them as they faithfully follow through on their commitment to serve for a lifetime.


The first Way Corps Principle is “Acquire an in-depth spiritual perception and awareness.” To help achieve this, the students spend time in the classroom, which is a primary source of in-depth teaching and training.


Additionally, the students take time to study the Word. As they build a knowledge of God’s Word in their minds, they learn that they are able ministers who are fully equipped to take on any situation and prevail with the Word.


The second Way Corps Principle is “Receive training in the whole Word, doctrinally and practically, so as to be able to teach others.” The trainees receive instruction from a variety of sources, maintaining a meek and receptive heart to learn.


One way they learn to become capable and competent leaders is by means of a supervised hands-on training program in which they receive direct training from other Way Corps ministers and teachers.


Through many avenues, students learn how to communicate God’s Word with boldness as effective teachers. These men and women develop a dynamic lifestyle of faithfully committing to others what they have received.


The third Way Corps Principle is “Physical training making your physical body, the ‘vehicle’ of communication of the Word, as vital as possible.” The trainees accomplish this by planning physical exercise into their weekly schedule and by exercising with a partner. Their faithfulness to follow through on their decisions produces the physical stamina needed to sustain their spiritual service.


Praying faithfully is another physical discipline the students develop themselves in. While in residence, the Way Corps trainees pray daily for their spiritual partners—men and women who sponsor them as they train. The trainees take time to pray for others as well, especially when the need arises. Their faithfulness to have a full and vibrant prayer life is a key to their success as ministers.


The fourth Way Corps Principle is “Practice believing to bring material abundance to you and the ministry.” Prosperity is God’s heart for His children. The students learn habits that help them experience prosperity in every category of life, including in their finances and other material resources.


The trainees learn to become faithful stewards of what they’ve been given. One tool that helps them learn this principle is The Way Corps garden, which is planted, tended, and harvested by in-residence Way Corps.


The fifth Way Corps Principle is “Go forth as leaders and workers in areas of concern, interest, and need in the household.” This Way Corps Principle encourages these ministers to follow through on all that they have learned, received, heard, and seen in their Way Corps training.


As leaders, these men and women reach out with genuine care and concern for people and lovingly extend mercy as they teach others how to live and speak the Word. As workers, they faithfully do the work needed to move the Word of God. They are trained to go wherever they’re needed, whenever they’re needed.


Congratulations to The Way Corps class of 2020! Your faithfulness to follow through on God’s call to serve will benefit the lives of many throughout your lifetime of Christian service.