The Way International

Sunday Teaching Services

2023-2024 Jährliches Amtsthema

Declare the Unknown God

Rev. Steve Crommett
14. Juli 2024

2023-2024 Jährliches Amtsthema


Mrs. Harm Olthouse
7. Juli 2024

Our Next Service: 21. Juli 2024
Timothy: A Man of God
Rev. Bill Greene

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About the Sunday Teaching Service

Sunday Teaching Service at The Way International - Rev. Vern Edwards teaching

On Sunday mornings, the accuracy and integrity of God’s Word reaches out to believers around the world. Prayer, musical performances, and singing build to the highlight of the service—the teaching of the Word. Each service held at our International Headquarters is designed to build enthusiastic believing in God’s magnificent Word. Whether one attends the service live, watches it via streaming, or listens to a recording later, the dynamic teaching helps those seeking to build a firm Biblical foundation.

Attending the Live Sunday Service and Children’s Fellowship

The live Sunday service held at The Way International Headquarters near the village of New Knoxville, Ohio, is open to the public. Those attending the service in the Victor Paul Wierwille Word Over the World Auditorium can also enjoy shopping at the Bookstore, sipping a cup of coffee in the spacious lobby, or just taking in the beautiful decor all around.

Meanwhile, Children’s Fellowship is offered on Sundays where children can learn God’s Word and enjoy activities designed just for them. A Mothers’ Room is available for moms and their babies. The different age groups are cared for by a wonderful staff of adults. The groups are one- and two-year-olds, three- through five-year-olds, and school-aged groups of grades K–2 and 3–6.

After the service and Children’s Fellowship, everyone is invited to a Snack Shop where an abundant variety of food and beverages are available to purchase and enjoy. Complimentary coffee is always served, and seasonal apple cider made from homegrown apples provides a refreshing taste of the local farm area.

Come join us on Sunday and bring your friends and family. You are always welcome at The Way!

It is truly an unparalleled experience being in the audience, smiling and feeling as if everyone on the stage can see you and they are all smiling back at you. The music, the interaction between stage and audience, the Word being shared from fully dedicated hearts of committed believers, God receiving the glory in everything—there is no price tag big enough to cover it.

I would like to thank everyone at The Way International with my whole heart for the labor that is put forth in making the truth available to me via The Way Magazine and my Sunday Teaching Service subscription. What a thrill it has been to learn how to tap into the abundant life our lord and savior made available and to manifest the Christ within.

My daughter (age nine) attended Children’s Fellowship the first time she visited The Way International, and it made a great impact on her heart and tremendously blessed her. ‘I got so blessed going to The Way, so I recommend you go to The Way. It will change your life. It sure changed mine.’

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