The Way International

Home Fellowships

People at a home fellowship with Bibles open

Our fellowships in the home include an inspiring and positive teaching from the Bible, words of edification and comfort, prayer, singing, and a joyful sharing of abundance.

Fellowships are located throughout the United States and in two U.S. territories and over thirty international countries. Men, women, and young people from all walks of life freely avail themselves of the fellowships held each week in their area.

In serving as a fellowship coordinator, I have been given the opportunity to fulfill my desire to make my life meaningful and to help people. All of us who exercise our ministry of reconciliation help the spiritually blind to see and raise people from death to life spiritually as we hold forth God’s Word.

Being involved in a fellowship has multiplied to me countless occasions to minister God’s love and deliverance via His Word to individuals and groups. The result of it all is that I have grown in my quality of life and understanding of the Word as I have endeavored to help others do the same. God has demonstrated to me that His Word works over and over again in my life and in the lives of those I’ve served. The life of the ministry is in the fellowship.

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