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The Way International

We believe in the research, teaching, and application of God’s Word in order for people to transform their lives and live a life of abundance and power.


There are many keys to Biblical research that will unlock the door to the accuracy of God’s Word, such as learning about Eastern manners and customs, identifying and understanding figures of speech, and knowing how to find the accuracy of the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic texts.


The Way is a practical teaching ministry concerned with teaching people how to transform their lives from negative and fear filled to positive and joyous. Transformation occurs when people believe and apply the basic spiritual truths made known in God’s Word.


First and foremost, we each enjoy fellowship with our heavenly Father. Then, as faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we enjoy the fellowship of one another.

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Statement of Beliefs

Statement of Beliefs

To view our core beliefs, read The Way International’s Statement of Beliefs.

About the Founder

Victor Paul Wierwille spent several decades vigorously and prayerfully searching out the truths of God’s Word. As part of his search he consulted and worked with many outstanding individuals in Christian studies for keys to power-filled, victorious living.

Yearly Ministry Theme

Yearly Ministry Theme

In 2023-2024 we will continue to move forward as we focus our study on abiding in the true standard for life—the Word of God.

News and Events

The Way International endeavors to consistently present God’s Word to people in a variety of ways. Come and see what we have been doing.

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