The Way International

Yearly Ministry Theme

The focus of our Sunday Teaching Services

Abide in Truth—The Way International theme poster for 2023-2024 in English

John 17:17:
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Our ministry has made tremendous progress in the past few years. We have shined as lights, have knit our hearts together in love, and have seen how God leads us in victory through His Son Jesus Christ. In 2023-2024 we will continue to move forward as we focus our study on abiding in the true standard for life—the Word of God. God’s Word is truth and gives us the standard for our thoughts, words, and actions. We abide, remain, continue in that standard because apart from that Word, there is no certainty, peace, or lasting rewards. With the Word as our standard, we stand on the solid and sure rock of truth.

We have access in God’s family to His limitless abundance of that which nourishes, heals, delivers, and fulfills. As each of us abides in the Word, we grow closer to one another, drawn together in the bonds of love and the fellowship of the Mystery. We remain one with our heavenly Father and one with each other as we lovingly represent Him in word and deed.

Spiritually we have been sanctified, set apart from this world. We manifest that sanctification as the Word dwells in us richly, as we live by God’s standard, His truth. Abiding in the truth given to the Grace Administration is how we live abundantly in every category of life, advance God’s purposes, and bear much fruit now and for eternity.

The grapes on our beautiful art poster are symbolic of the abundance of good fruit we bear as we abide in truth. A tender vine cultivated in rich soil grows and produces fruit in season. When we firmly plant ourselves in the healthy soil of God’s Word, we will bear good fruit in season too. We will be fruitful in every good work, bearing witness of His goodness and grace. By our fruit-filled lives, others will see and believe that our heavenly Father, out of His great love, sent His Son for them also.

This ministry year in fellowships all around the globe, we will abide in truth together, yielding good fruit and moving God’s Word over the world.