Classes on the Bible

Since its beginnings, The Way International has focused on showing interested people the abundant life that Jesus Christ came to make available as it is revealed in God’s matchless Word. One primary means of accomplishing this is through the classes we offer.

Foundational class on The Way of Abundance and Power class materials in a nice arrangement

The Way of Abundance and Power Class Series

This series of three classes—Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced—is for those who are searching for a genuine, in-depth understanding of the Word of God and desire to walk in the way of abundance and power.

Colored drawing of Bible open to Ephesians with a large diamond beneath it

Defeating the Adversary

The Defeating the Adversary class is a helpful tool and guide for those Biblical students who want to understand and win in the spiritual competition of life. It is a unique Advanced Studies class that articulates what the Word of God says about the born-again believer’s authority and inherent ability to stand against the works of our adversary, the Devil.

Biblical Studies Series class syllabi with a Bible open to Acts underneath and a flower pot to the right

Biblical Studies Series

This series teaches students how to apply God’s Word in specific categories of life. Classes include the following:

  • Living the Book of Acts Today
  • Living God’s Word as a Family
  • Living the Mystery as Members in Particular
  • Practical Keys to Biblical Research
  • The Renewed Mind: The Key to Power

If any of these classes interest you, talk to your local fellowship coordinator about how you can register for them. If you have not been a part of our Bible fellowships in the home yet, contact us to find out what is available in your area.