Biblical Studies Series

The Way of Abundance and Power series teaches people how to understand the Bible and how to operate the power of God in their lives. Building upon this series, the Biblical Studies classes focus on practical topics of interest and need. The clear teachings, detailed syllabus, and enjoyable format of each class make it easy for students to absorb the material and put the truths into practice in their lives. Below is a brief description of each class that is available.

Painting of three black people standing around an open Bible

Living the Book of Acts Today

Journey into the Book of Acts and see principles and techniques on how to live and move the Word in any area, in any century, no matter the culture or circumstances. This class shows how the Christians of the first century walked with the power and the love of God and how we can live the Word with the same boldness and impact today as witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Painting of black family listening while father teaches the Bible

Living God’s Word as a Family

As God’s dear children, we can learn how to strengthen our ties with God, our family, and fellow believers. This class is for disciples—young and older—who are seeking to increase their understanding of God’s beautiful design for their function in the household of God. Topics such as the virtuous woman, companionship and commitment in the marriage, children walking in truth, dating, and more are presented. This class teaches principles from the Bible on how to live the Word as a husband or wife, as a family unit, and as a single person.

Silhouettes of small band with text under that reads 'TOGETHER AS MEMBERS IN PARTICULAR.'

Living the Mystery as Members in Particular

As individual members in the Body of Christ, we have the joy and privilege to live the great mystery with our brothers and sisters in Christ. This class teaches what the “great mystery” is, with special emphasis on each individual’s part in the Body of Christ, as well as how to live the Mystery with each believer contributing in his or her unique way.

Colored drawing of man reading a Bible at a table

Practical Keys to Biblical Research

Biblical research helps us to establish, develop, or discover information God had recorded in His Word. This class teaches the fundamentals of Biblical research using the keys to the Word’s interpretation, with a practical emphasis on living the rightly divided Word we learn.

Colored drawing of the word 'POWER' with a key in the 'O'. The key has a tag that reads 'THE RENEWED MIND.'

The Renewed Mind: The Key to Power

Rather than reflecting worldly concerns and negatives, we want to reflect God’s good and perfect will for our lives. This class portrays a beautiful picture of this renewed-mind living and includes topics such as how to strengthen the mind; how to eliminate pressure in our daily lives; and how to apply renewed-mind principles relating to our health, our relationships, and our jobs and finances.

The Biblical Studies classes are available to graduates of the intermediate class on The Way of Abundance and Power. If any of these interest you, talk to your local fellowship coordinator about how you can register for them. If you have not been a part of our Bible fellowships in the home yet, contact us to find out what is available in your area. Learning is an exciting adventure!