What Is Available

Sunday Teaching Services

On Sunday afternoons, the accuracy and integrity of God’s Word reaches out to believers across the world.  From prayer to the singing to the… Read More

The Way Magazine™

This colorful bimonthly magazine is filled with edifying and enlightening articles concerning how to… Read More

Home Fellowships

Our fellowships in the home include an inspiring and positive teaching from the Bible, words of edification and comfort, prayer, singing, and… Read More

The Way of Abundance and Power™ Class Series

This series of three classes—Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced—is for those who are searching for a genuine, in-depth understanding of… Read More

Disciples of the Way Outreach Program™

Available to our Advanced Class graduates, the Disciples of the Way Outreach Program is for committed followers of our Lord Jesus Christ who are sent forth to… Read More

The Way Corps™ Leadership Training

This is leadership training for Advanced Class graduates who have a heart’s desire and passion to… Read More

Camp Gunnison—The Way Household Ranch™

Situated right on the Gold Medal fishing waters of the Gunnison River, surrounded by abundant local wildlife and… Read More
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