This colorful bimonthly magazine is filled with edifying and enlightening articles concerning how to live God’s matchless Word.

The beautifully written pieces are contributed by faithful men and women who carefully research and teach God’s Word. Designed with original art and photographs, The Way Magazine is for people who love God and His Word.

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“Each issue gives me something to share with my fellow marines who are interested in the Word. Thanks for all of the hard work and love that is put into The Way Magazine. God’s Word is available anywhere to those who want to hear it.”

“All five of us in our family have our own subscription. The Way Magazine helps to direct the children when it is their turn to teach God’s Word at our Sunday evening family teaching times. Our children even share at times from The Way Magazine in our home fellowship.”

“I love the diversity in The Way Magazine; the diversity of its topics and the variety of authors show the rich depth of truth abounding in our household. It is a great example of how the one Body of Christ gets its strength from all the members working together. The content is always fresh and uplifiting, inspiring greater respect for the Word of Life and greater love for our heavenly Father, the Author of life.”

March/April 2020 front cover
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