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Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes

These three classes are for those who are searching for a genuine, in-depth understanding of the Word of God and desire to increase the power of God in their lives.

Foundational Class

Foundational Class materials in a nice arrangement: class syllabus; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today, The Bible Tells Me So, The New, Dynamic Church, and Power for Abundant Living books; and 6 issues of The Way Magazine

The material presented covers fundamental truths in the Word of God that enable students to understand the Bible and believe it so that they can walk with power for abundant living. This class answers questions straight from God’s Word and equips people to

  • establish and maintain a positive attitude,
  • make life meaningful,
  • overcome worry and fear,
  • increase prosperity,
  • understand apparent Bible contradictions,
  • maintain health,
  • develop more harmony in the home,
  • separate truth from error,
  • discipline the mind by believing,
  • learn how to pray effectively,
  • manifest the power of God.

Taking the Foundational Class sets the Biblical student up to keep growing in the Scriptures. After completing the Foundational Class, a student could progress to the Intermediate Class.

Many Foundational Class graduates also visit Camp Gunnison – The Way Family Ranch to enjoy camp events, plan personal adventures, and more.

If you’re interested in taking the Foundational Class, talk to your local fellowship coordinator about how you can register for this class. If you have not been a part of our home Bible fellowships yet, contact us to find out what is available in your area.

Intermediate Class

The Intermediate Class builds on the solid foundation provided in the Foundational Class. The Intermediate Class material focuses on the practical walk of a believer and teaches

  • how to properly operate the three worship manifestations of holy spirit—speaking in tongues, the interpretation of tongues, and prophecy—in a believers’ meeting;
  • detailed truths on spiritual matters from I Corinthians chapters 12, 13, and 14;
  • the blessings and benefits of pursuing and manifesting the love of God;
  • five basics of faithfulness;
  • some of the different names and titles God uses to describe our walk with Him.

Completing the Intermediate Class opens up avenues of service and learning in The Way Ministry. A graduate of the Intermediate Class can

Advanced Class

Painting of large ship with sails on ocean. Text next to it reads 'Our ship is ready to sail with the Treasures of God's Word.'

The Advanced Class is “a servant’s course.” In the Advanced Class, students further develop the mature walk of a believer with in-depth teaching from God’s Word on

  • how to do the works of Jesus Christ and greater works, bringing God’s deliverance to others;
  • how to operate the revelation manifestations of word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and discerning of spirits;
  • how to operate the impartation manifestations of faith (believing), workings of miracles, and gifts of healings;
  • the motives, objectives, and workings of the Devil and how devil spirits operate.

Entering The Way Corps leadership training program becomes available to those who complete the Advanced Class.