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The Way Magazine Digital Edition for Subscribers

The Way Magazine Digital Edition for Subscribers

The online digital edition of The Way Magazine opens up further avenues for subscribers to research and be edified by God’s Word. In addition to having special tools for highlighting, bookmarking, and note-taking, this online edition makes available archived issues of the magazine for viewing and has a search engine for locating key words, phrases, and verses.

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Estos artículos en Internet fueron diseñados para alentar cada semana a los lectores con verdades sencillas, claras y Bíblicamente sólidas. Dirigen a los lectores a las Escrituras para que puedan seguir su propio estudio adicional sobre un tema que les interese.

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Esto es lo que Dios dice

Para entender la voluntad de Dios para nuestras vidas, podemos acudir a Su Palabra, la cual contiene todas las cosas que pertenecen a la vida y a la piedad (II Pedro 1:3 y 4). A continuación encontrará algunos aspectos de la vida que Dios ha presentado en Su Palabra a fin de que los conozcamos, entendamos y creamos. Seguiremos añadiendo más temas para su bendición.

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God’s Word Works

Enjoy these personal accounts of God’s Word working in the lives of followers of The Way from around the world.

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Enjoy these Word-inspired videos of performances at The Way International.

The Way Magazine—God's Prevailing Word to the World

Way Magazine Excerpts

The Way Magazine is filled with practical articles about living the Word of God. Beginning with the very first issue nearly seventy years ago, it has been providing men, women, and young people with timely Biblical truths they can put into practice for consistently powerful results. Enjoy these excerpts from select articles.

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Utilize this resource to view select Way International web articles as well as other Biblical presentations in a unique slideshow format. These can be used for teaching, shared on social media, enjoyed for personal reading, or just about anything else you can think of!