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Overcoming Evil with Good

LTWT 003: Overcoming Evil with Good

“We have to realize that light does dispel darkness and that we do make a difference. Your life does make a difference. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, that you don’t get awards for living the Word. You go home after a hard day of work, and you’ve got to take care of your family, and it can sometimes seem a little bit thankless. And it’s like, ‘What is the difference? Is this really making a difference?’ Absolutely, yes, it is making a huge, spiritual difference in the whole climate.”

Rev. Bryan Mittler, Rev. Chandler Greene, and podcast interviewer Edgar Mendoza talk about many facets of the subject “overcoming evil with good.” This interview covers the importance of understanding God’s goodness and bringing it into life’s situations. We invite you to spend time with these men in this special roundtable episode as they share the Word and their perspectives on the subject.

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