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Trusting God

“Throughout the Word, God talks about Who He is and what He wants people to know about Him. In Jeremiah, He says I want you to know and understand that I am the Lord, that I exercise lovingkindness and judgment and righteousness. That’s what He wants us to know about Him, that it’s the goodness of God that leadeth men to repentance. In Exodus, it talks about how He is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness and forgives iniquities and transgression. Those are things that He reveals about Himself that we can know about Him.”

Join podcast interviewer Hunter Mullins and Rev. Tom Mullins as they discuss why we can completely trust in God as His children. Rev. Mullins expounds on many of the qualities of our heavenly Father, quoting straight from the Scriptures. He explains how these attributes, along with God’s promises to us in His Word, show that God is a trustworthy heavenly Father.

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